Baltic Mill

Historic Baltic Mill

The Historic Baltic Mill was built in 1845 and originally served as a grist mill. On March 9, 1920, the Mill Tract was purchased from Frank Taylor and became the first land purchase made by the Belvidere Park District, becoming the foundation of a new park system and the Belvidere Park District. In mid-summer 1935, the first theatrical performance was held at the Baltic Mill. The second story of the mill was then adapted as a play loft, and the inaugural performance was conducted by the Old Baltic Mills Players Troupe.

The Baltic Mill is rich with history and remains the cornerstone of the Belvidere Park District. Although the Baltic Mill has since been renovated and modernized, it remains beautiful, rustic, and quaintly nestled amongst trees, the river, beautiful greenery, and nature itself. The Boone County Arts Council now hosts events on the old side of the mill to display its beauty and share its history.

Baltic Mill Offers

Owned and operated by the Belvidere Park District, the Baltic Mill event space is perfect for your unique outdoor celebration! The beauty of nature will surround you during the months of May thru October, in a relaxing, natural fashion as the symphony of flowers and calming green beds provide the perfect backdrop for your outdoor event. The tranquil flow of the Mill Race will soothe and delight your senses. The Baltic Mill stage provides an ideal focal point for every event, every age. The seating area features natural limestone rock for hillside seating. The Baltic Mill itself provides a comfortable meeting space or preparation room for your event. Complimentary parking is available throughout Belvidere Park and on Lincoln Ave for your guests.