Park District Board and Meetings

The Belvidere Park District is a separate governing unit which levies its own tax to provide park facilities and recreation for the residents of the district. Innovative leadership starts with our community-elected, five member Board of Commissioners. Members of the Board of Commissioners are elected to four year terms and serve without compensation.

Daniel Noble

Commissioner / President

Amy Nord

Commissioner / Vice-President

Mary Marquardt

Commissioner / Secretary

Mary has been a pillar of the board since 1987 and continues to lead the district into the future. She has been in the community of Belvidere for over 40 years.  She is a lifetime member of the Boone County Historical Society and is an active member of The Parks and Conservation Foundation. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren, enjoying the arts, and time spent gardening.

Jean Twyning

Commissioner / Treasurer

Jean began her association with BPD as a six-year-old pool patron and later became a swim instructor and lifeguard (11 yrs.).  Now a retired District 100 biology teacher, she stays active in several organizations including Boone County Arts Council, Foundation for Excellence in Education, Boone County Community Foundation, Panhellenic Society, and Zion Lutheran Church.  Jean actively promotes public recreation as a community asset.  For 19 years she organized the KishWalk encouraging elementary children to raise funds for the Riverfront path system while exercising at school.  Jean was awarded the 2006 “Doctor of Civic Betterment” title by the Belvidere Chamber of Commerce.

Sam An