New Horizons

New Horizons (NH) adult day program is for individuals with disabilities, 21 and older.  The program uses leisure and recreation skills help develop and enhance quality of life.  NH increases the participant’s involvement in the community, as well as continued growth and training in leisure life skills as it emphasizes:

  • leisure independence,
  • independent living skills,
  • social interaction,
  • community integration,
  • community service projects, and
  • community awareness.

NH also included volunteer projects, community outings, fitness activities, outdoor recreation, multi-step craft projects, and a variety of games.  Participants must be able to function on a 1:6 staff ratio and perform all of their own daily living skills with minimal assistance.

Registration for this program is on a yearly basis and there is currently a waiting list for enrollment.

More information on New Horizons will be in the Winter/Spring Go Guide.


Are you between the ages of 18 and 21 and would like to try out New Horizons during the summer season?  The NH Transition Program is just for you!

Click here for more information in the Summer Go Guide.

Click here for the 2024 Participant/Parent Handbook.