Unplug Illinois at Belvidere Park – July 13th, 2-8PM


Belvidere Park will host its 4th annual Unplug Day, a day where everyone is encouraged to get up, get out, unplug, play and engage with one another through experiences at local park, recreation, and conservation agencies. July 13th, 2-8PM will be a time where we set up a space for people of all ages to learn a new activity or skill, or simply enjoy recreating outdoors. Join a class to learn something new, pop in and catch a play or music, or explore the Unplug activity area to learn more about agencies that are doing great things in the outdoors. The day starts at 2PM at Baltic Mill with a special performance from the Boone County Main Street Players. Our astronomy show begins at 7PM. All activities will be free and open to anyone. Pre-registration is encouraged for any of the classes. (SC) A full schedule of events and location map can be found here.

Activity Code Age Location Time
Disc Golf 209291-01 5+ Tennis Courts 3 PM
Pickle Ball 209291-02 5+ Pickleball Courts 4:15 PM
Yoga 209291-03 10+ Tennis Courts 5:30 PM
Paint in the Park 209291-04 10+ Bloom Shelter 3 PM
Rock Painting 209291-05 3+ Bloom Shelter 4:15 PM
Tie-Dying 209291-06 10+ Bloom Shelter 5:30 PM
Plant Walk 209291-07 5+ Baltic Mill 3 PM
Tree Walk 209291-08 5+ Baltic Mill 4:15 PM
Outdoor Photography 209291-09 10+ Baltic Mill 5:30 PM